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Location: MN
Date Posted: 11/04/2013 12:07:06 PM

a gathering of memories

Even with all these recipes, my favorite chapter is the last. Over the River & Through the Woods is a gathering of memories, shared from across the country. I’ve been reading and re-reading this chapter like a favorite, worn novel. The memories chapters’ have not been in some of the newer Gooseberry Patch books, and honestly I missed them! I’m so glad they brought one into this autumn collection. Read more at



Location: Indianapolis, IN
Date Posted: 11/04/2013 11:02:02 AM

Just in time for Fall cooking, tailgate parties and harvest themed pitch-in’s

Just in time for Fall cooking, tailgate parties and harvest themed pitch-in’s, Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks have released a new cookbook called Hometown Harvest. This particular cookbook has been getting a lot of attention in my kitchen lately. I have felt like I needed to hunker down and just COOK for the last several weeks and through this cookbook my kids and I have connected in a much needed way. Letting them pick out what we are making, help me prepare it and take part in the shopping for the ingredients has become a new way for us all to hang out together. Read more at



Location: GA
Date Posted: 11/04/2013 11:50:18 AM

Get into the fall spirit by curling up on the couch with my Gooseberry Patch

It's almost here! My favorite time of the year...fall. Fall is not yet in the air here in Georgia. We've had a hot September. Even with the warm weather, I still get in the mood for fall with one of my other favorites, a Gooseberry Patch cookbook. Hometown Harvest is the newest cookbook in Gooseberry Patch's fall cookbook line. If you're like me and have all of the other fall editions, you'll want to add this one to your collection. Around this time every year, I start yearning for those crisp fall mornings which are few and far between here in my area. I can easily get into the fall spirit by curling up on the couch with my Gooseberry Patch fall cookbooks and read the recipes and harvest memories while planning my own adventures in my area: fall festivals, hayrides, and corn mazes. Just reading through the chapter titles makes my mouth water for pumpkin baked goods: Hometown Pancake Breakfast, Church Social Soup Supper, Thanksgiving Dinner to Remember, Game Day Get-Together, Pumpkin Patch Sweets and Slow-Cooker Potluck Pleasers. The cookbook is filled with every imaginable form of apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and other seasonal ingredients. Read more at



Location: TX
Date Posted: 11/04/2013 12:02:35 PM

I absolutely L♥VE everything about fall

Hometown Harvest doesn't disappoint and I think the cover describes it best.... Celebrate harvest in your hometown with hearty recipes, inspiring tips and warm fall memories. When I think of Fall, soups, stews, chili's and all thing pumpkin come to mind and this cookbook is packed full of it. I can honestly say I haven't found a Gooseberry Patch Cookbook that I didn't like. All of their cookbooks are filled with delicious recipes that are simple, and easy-to-prepare. Perfect for anyone just starting out in the kitchen. Hometown Harvest has 222 delicious pages filled with all things fall." - Tina at


Geraldine A

Location: Reviewer
Date Posted: 06/24/2013 01:41:42 PM


love Gooseberry Patch! Over the years, I've collected several of their heartwarming cookbooks, and have never been disappointed! At the present time, I'm collecting their holiday cookbooks, which are filled with delicious recipes that are simple, and easy-to-prepare. A few weeks ago, I collected the Christmas cookbook, and we are enjoying it. This cookbook includes:HOMETOWN PANCAKE BREAKFAST;CHURCH SOCIAL SOUP SUPPER;GAME DAY GET-TOGETHER;PUMPKIN PATCH SWEETS;SLOW-COOKER POTLUCK PLEASERS;OVER THE RIVER & THROUGH THE WOODS;and much more. There are 222 delightful, fun-filled pages with dinners,breads, and appetizers. In addition, This cookbook includes Sides, Beverages,and Sandwiches. The authors also include Condiments, Salads, and Cookies. The desserts make your mouth water just reading the recipes,and the conversion charts, and tips are very helpful. We made the CHICKEN WITH BROCCOLI & WILD RICE. It was a delicious comfort food dinner. I am delighted that the recipes given are for stove-top,oven, and slow-cooker. We also made the NO-BAKE MAPLE COOKIES, a big hit, very tasty. This recipe makes 3 dozen. Our next selected dessert will be LESLIE'S GINGERSNAPS, very tempting and inviting. As we make new recipes, I will leave updates. The sketch drawings provided on several pages are heartwarming, and uplifting.There are several delicious recipes to choose from, something for everyone as usual. The PUMPKIN PATCH SWEETS are a sensation, along with entertaining illustrations for the holiday season. Last but not least, this cookbook includes the inspiring story of where it all began for Gooseberry Patch,which warms the heart. A wonderful gift idea for friends and family for the holidays. Highly recommended!

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